Here are some of the books written by FCA ministers:

Jesus Plus Nothing Equals Salvation by Beau Lee. “An intensely interesting and eye-opening exploration of the Gospel—the one and only message that can save the world. This book is sure to shock as it uncovers ‘gospel’ counterfeits and ‘Christian unbelievers’ in the most unexpected places, and reminds God’s people how to steer clear. This book will help you, your church, and your small group Bible study with questions about God’s great rescue plan. It uses entertaining parables, clear communication, and razor sharp logic to reinforce God’s sole path to heaven.”

40+ books by Dean Merrill. You will find something to add to your reading list!

A Culture of Warriors: Just Like King David by Ted Peterson & Andrew Brattrud

Bible Stories for Big People by Avril VanderMerwe is written for adults and is a fresh take on 12 Bible stories. This book has been used in many contexts, including as personal devotional and for small group study.

Exxit by John Hammer

Feasts of Israel – How They are Fulfilled Within the Church by Dr. Andrea Paterson

From Trash to Treasure: God’s Redemptive Power for Restoration and Transformation by Avril VanderMerwe is now available on Amazon Kindle. Print version of the book will be available by the end of November at the same link.

Gifts of the Spirit by Dr. Dan Hammer

Making It To Heaven by John Lewis.

Ma Peterson’s Liberia by Garnette Petersen

Raising Hell: A Closer Look at the Church’s Darkest Doctrine by Tom Flaherty

Servant Leadership by Dr. Dan Hammer

Short Stories and Novels by Gerrit Hansen

The History of the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies by Dr. Warren Heckman. Orders can be made with Dr. Heckman directly. This is a great book for any pastors, elders, or deacons in FCA churches or for anyone else interested in the history of the Fellowship.

The Technicolor Community by Dr. Carl Johnson

Three Monotheistic Faiths – Judaism, Christianity, Islam (An Analysis and Brief History) by Dr. Andrea Paterson

Please remember that these books reflect the opinions of their authors, not the specific opinion or beliefs of the FCA.