Well-known Canadian FCA pastor Dr. Paul A. Vallee has recently written a book that is both inspiring and theologically enriching. Revelation Revealed is an expository commentary that pushes through many of the popular misconceptions to explain Revelation in a clear and engaging manner.

Popular Christian culture has viewed the biblical book of Revelation primarily as an exposé on the identity of the antichrist and on mysteries surrounding the end of the world. Though Revelation speaks to these issues, Vallee argues that it is more properly understood as a book about Christ — and how he addresses humanity’s enemies, including our greatest enemy, death.

The book of Revelation, layered with incredible imagery, is often viewed as confusing and difficult to understand. By contrast, Vallee shows how it brings a message of hope in times of perplexity and crisis. In his commentary, Vallee addresses the cultural background in which the ancient readers understood the text and demonstrates the relevancy of that message to readers today.

A pastor for 37 years, Vallee is adept at communicating the Bible to a live audience. The content of Revelation Revealed was originally presented to a live audience over the course of 26 weeks but was the culmination of 40 years of biblical study. It could be an excellent resource for any minister preaching or teaching through the book of Revelation.

The response from Vallee’s congregation encouraged him to put into print what the people described as a “positive message.” His commentary clarifies and removes many misunderstandings and fears often associated with end time studies. Vallee’s aim was to bring hope to a world that, like the book of Revelation itself, is often confusing and overwhelming.

In addition to his role as senior pastor at Living Stones Church in Red Deer, Alberta, Vallee has also worked on graduate and post-graduate courses, graduating from a number of theological institutions. Beyond his academic studies, Vallee has traveled to many parts of the world where the stories of the Bible transpired. His travels have provided him with additional insight into the ancient Near Eastern world, further helping him explain the implications of the Bible’s message for its first hearers and how that message applies to people today.

The book in paperback or hard cover is available for order online from Friesen Press and Amazon. Paul Vallee lives in Red Deer, Alberta, with his wife, Patty. They are the parents of two daughters and the grandparents of two grandchildren.