Gallery of the Canadian 2017 Convention

David Duinker praying with Ralston and Bonnie Evans
Duanne Siemens praying with Moses Raghunandan and Aurora Caparas
George Bradley praying with David Duinker
After service worship & prayer
Wendy Farha singing
John Kennedy sharing a testimony
Brad and Sharon Montsion receiving gifts of thanks
Dr. Kreuger honoured for 60 yrs of service by Glen Forsberg
Wendy Farha praying with Earl and Maureen Toews
Honouring Murray and Gloria Stacey for 50 years of service
Glen Forsberg honouring Bishop Lovelace St. John for serving as a Fellowship elder
Some of the team from Cornwall
George Bradley, Rich Doebler, Dr. Jim & Hkaw Win Humphries, Jackie & Robert Parmenter

Photos courtesy of Crystal Wilson Photography.