Glenn Cunningham was an American distance runner, considered by many the greatest American miler of all time. He was on the 1932 and 1936 Olympic teams and was named the top amateur athlete in the U.S. in 1933. He set the world record for the mile and indoor world records for 1500 meters and the mile.

But the most amazing part of Glenn Cunningham’s story is what happened when he was only eight years old. A gasoline explosion and fire left him so badly burned that doctors recommended amputating his legs. His mother, however, wouldn’t hear of it. She refused to let them cut off his legs. The doctors predicted Glenn probably would never walk again-and if he walked, he wouldn’t be able to walk normally. Yet he became an Olympic star.

Some people put limits on what God wants to do in their lives. It’s like they’re amputating their future, cutting off God’s possibilities. They’re unable to believe or trust God to do something amazing in their lives. [Source unknown]

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