“The Heart of the Father—In the Heart of the Continent” 

2018 will bring an International FCA Convention in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from May 1-4 at the Radisson Hotel (Downtown) Winnipeg.  Actually, the organizers are calling it an “International Convergence,” which sounds like something more than a convention or a conference.

Just some of the workshop topics include:
• The Father’s heart for addicted people.
• The Father’s heart for empowering women.
• The Father’s heart for apostolic vision.
• The Father’s heart for releasing prophecy.
• The Father’s heart for the nations.

Some of the speakers include: Alain Caron and Tom Flaherty.

Host church: The Wave Church, 364 Furby Street, Winnipeg, MB
Canada Contact: 204-800-1447
US Contact: 423-313-3031
Watch for more information to come.

“Give me your heart…” —Proverbs 23:26