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BLOG: Connecting Leadership + Ministry + Missions

Pastor Martyred in Guinea September 19, 2014

It is with grief and a heavy heart that I send this news story today to the FCA: One of our own FCA pastors has gone home to the Lord — very heart wrenching.  Moise (Moses) Mamy, who was Jon & Anna Erickson’s long time partner in ministry in Guinea, West Africa, was martyred this week while teaching …

source: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/evaekeblad/359711390/in/photolist-23CuE9-dcVAj6-2Zp6mw-nNmbUS-dJB7wt-cj3JjC-xMAiK-8E2tma-8fvN78-ZVxJ-xMBEw-j5C3H-j5CdS-j5BVx-xMBEx-9WHYbt-3p2KXw-5wbxh8-cqpGaq-4PJFyj-j5BsE-j5BVS-j5C5E-j5CgP-xMyqz-xMxiv-xMxiw-xMzmH-xMxiu-xMxiq-xMyqx-95apfL-j5Cgr-RzVqj-8y7CuP-j5C1n-kzjDe-cjUwYG-4nZpon-j5Cje-j5BMR-j5BrS-j5C32-j5BJP-j5BHL-4ZzWTT-nPMNH-39hENN-j5Chx-xMzmR
Valuing What God Values September 11, 2014

by Tom Flaherty I had a very painful encounter with God while pastoring in Montevideo, Minnesota.  We had just returned from a mission’s trip in Honduras where our church had built a large feeding center in a city built around a dump.  The poorest of the poor would now have access to a good meal …

Power & Position September 2, 2014

What do you do with your power and your position? We don’t often think about our power or position, but many times we have more of it than we realize. Sometimes our power comes simply because of our social class, gender, or ethnicity, but other times it comes because of the position we are in within …