The Fellowship of Christian Assemblies is a “family” of ministers and ministries connecting to advance God’s Kingdom by the power of the Holy Spirit working through the local church. The resources, articles, news, and views here are offered to help equip and empower ministers in leadership, ministry, and missions.

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One great way to connect is at our bi-annual International Convention (although in this case, it’s called a “Convergence.” Click the image below to find out more!

*Convergence: “the converging and connecting of distinct identities, ethnicities
and nations into a unified whole.” For more information, click HERE.

For FCA members only…

Member churches and ministers of the FCA may access private website content not available to the public (such as current directories and data on churches and ministers in the U.S. and Canada). This private page also has links to the 2018 FCA registration forms (U.S. directory only) where you can renew and/or update your personal information. Deadline is January 15, 2018.

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