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BLOG: Connecting Leadership + Ministry + Missions

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Embrace Your Limitations December 22, 2014

As you look forward to this Christmas or New Year you may feel like you don’t have what you need to do something great. Last week we shared some resources that could help with Christmas activities. But even with more media or financial resources, I’m pretty sure we will never come to the place where …

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Forward from Fergusson and the Pain of Otherism December 19, 2014

I have written and rewritten this several times over the last few months, nothing I write could do justice to the injustices that exist in the world around us and to all of the complexities of every situation that prompts this post. Each is unique, complex, and overlaid with multiple issues. Yet, I must write. Why would …

Christmas Media Resources December 17, 2014

Here are some Christmas media resources that FCA Ministers have recently shared with us that we want to pass along to everybody. First is this POWERFUL spoken word by Lex Wisniewski, Youth Pastor at Church in the Word. She did this a few years ago as part of a Christmas program, The Scandal In Bethlehem, …