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Cutting Edge Pastor Uses GoPro Camera While He Preaches

July 31, 2014

Here’s a humorous news article on what we could do with new technology! Cutting edge Cloquet pastor uses GoPro camera while he preaches. In what is likely to become the next viral video, Fred Goldschmidt from Cloquet Gospel Tabernacle is using this unique homiletic approach. Now congregants can go online, search last week’s sermon, and watch themselves as they …

source: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/27807834@N02/3086950390/in/photolist-5GMqNA-5GH8EX-5GMqGw-atm6G6-stqR-brsyr-9d9JB2-3micgb-6Di7Xr-3Vyqq9-5VWdMG-6B5sAe-8q2wxW-akUamc-Ed22H-bWTSwC-9PSLHY-5RUVQB-3irbTW-6B5sD2-4HfejV-4GvFYm-fMvjLK-22xZKg-6voQ7g-3522zm-5ZMYwC-4BrLp8-5VQyDg-8vEXcj-bAvcGJ-51F7Ap-2vVkpu-8L1S2r-8w6BS5-amPjXJ-4eT8b8-8vEXkh-46uZse-9SLBuZ-5di6N-8vEXtU-7TzCHH-8vBW4Z-bpcUw6-jR1PuL-7PzYFL-2SmfSo-5KrknK-DPWnp

The Benefits Of Not Fitting In

July 18, 2014

by Dean Merrill Certain attributes stand out in a crowd, no matter what you do. Red hair, for example. Unusual height (ask me about that one!). A non-majority skin color. Other things, however, can be covered over. Especially in the spiritual realm. I got to thinking about this while recently reading two different Bible accounts, …

source: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/lizard_queen/98616833/in/photolist-5rJewh-9Hrme-e1zkdz-4x7zXQ-6yQGKi-hndATy-nNhmha-9CkzkX-4BTh6r-bwNRjV-dd1KvR-asRuxE-d75Mej-862LyG-5Maw7q-5a75tt-4f54hQ-32NWfg-8XQstb-aiGRYV-nGLmxV-4x3q4e-5rDU42-8ksEZv-9RBGCg-duQ4Qr-bxHjLf-vmPK4-vmFvj-vmv3E-vmPuK-m2cTAG-5M6hiZ-vmGLd-vmFYw-vmGf9-egGpTq-5g2tz5-5fX9KX-6EcM3n-6EcPfD-841a8F-vmPdD-vmNWY-5g2ckq-5g2gps-5M6oxB-5M6kMZ-4i4uVJ-vmQri

Have Churches Become Too Shallow?

July 15, 2014

by Stephen Mattson Christians ultimately attend church to meet with God. But sometimes we turn our churches into distractions, and spiritual leaders mistakenly prioritize things beyond God, becoming obsessed with marketing, consumerism, and entertainment — creating false idols. The diluting of church happens in both subtle and obvious ways: Scripture is substituted for a stirring …